Frank Lucas’s Wife Julianna Farrait Rodriguez Biography, and Beauty Queen

Julianna Farrait

Are you familiar with the name Frank Lucas? If yes, then you must know Julianna Farrait. Frank Lucas is a notorious drug dealer and he married Julianna Farrait. She was arrested many times because of her involvement in the husband’s dealings. Hence, after a few years of her arrest, her husband almost left this business. Now, you may wonder about Julianna’s arrest. Let me tell you, she was imprisoned for 5 years in the case of violating the narcotics law. She was arrested for selling cocaine in Peurto Rico.

Julianna Farrait
Julianna Farrait

Her life became an inspiration for making a character of Eva in the movie ‘American Gangster’. This movie got a nomination in Oscar in 2007. People like to call her ‘Queen of Drug Dealings’ as she played her vital role in managing her husband’s drug dealing business. She has been the headlines of the news for decades because of her acts. Do you want to know more about her life? Do you have a desire to know details about her childhood, career, marriage, interest in drug dealings, and net worth? This article is a credible source to know these details. Give it a read!


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THUGGED OUT THURSDAYS!!! We all know the “Country Boy”, Frank Lucas. Frank made a name for himself in Harlem in the ’60s and established himself under the guidance of Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson…more or less. When Vietnam broke out, Frank wisely saw it as a great opportunity to cut out the Mafia as middle men in the dope game. Frank went directly to the source in Asia. Soon, Frank’s organization was smuggling heroin directly to the states from the “Golden Triangle” (nickname for an area in southeast Asia booming with opium). Frank’s organization consisted of his brothers and cousins…..and wife. Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez was an actual beauty queen from Puerto Rico. After meeting Frank in a nightclub, the two fell for one another, and quickly wed. Julianna was down with the life Frank chose, and had no qualms about how he kept her laced in the finest attire. She was so down, in fact, she became a contributing member to the organization. The two lavished the finest gifts on one another from jewelry, to furs, to luxury mobiles. Julianna was the one who gave Frank a beautiful, full, chinchilla coat. The gift was so ostentatious that it caught the attention of detectives at a prize fight one night. This led to an investigation being opened that would eventually bring down the whole organization. When the cops raided, Julianna tried to do her part by destroying evidence. She threw a suitcase packed with $585,000 out the window! Later, she plead guilty and was hit with 5 years for her role in the organization. Frank and Julianna separated but rekindled their relationship in the late 90’s, they didn’t live happily ever after though. Back in 2010, at 65, Julianna was knocked in a sting after she sold 2 kilos of raw to an undercover for $60,000. Julianna missed the life she said. While ashamed, she said, “Those who say that money is not important are lying. People say that money does not buy happiness. It doesn’t?” Mortified and remorseful, Julianna begged for mercy so she could watch over her ailing, ex-drug dealing, ex-convict husband. The judge said tough cookies and gave her 5 years. The love birds are still in love w each other, and, in love w them “birds”.

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Julianna Farrait Rodriguez Biography, Miss Puerto Rico, Frank Lucas, And Beauty Queen

There is no information regarding her date of birth, Biography, and early life on the internet. Many of us want to know about her real age and zodiac sign. But no one has any idea regarding her actual age and zodiac sign. Similarly, there is no information about her parents, siblings, nationality, and ethnicity. Her actual life and biography start when she met her husband, Frank Lucas in Puerto Rico. Frank Lucas is a famous gangster of the 1960s and the famous Hollywood movie, American Gangster was filmed on his life. In this movie, Julianna Farrait was portrayed as the beauty queen, Miss Puerto Rico. But in reality, her name does not exist in the list of Miss Puerto Rico winners list. Julianna’s aim was to earn money by any means and she doesn’t care about any danger or rules violation in her life. She was also a drug supplier and Lucas type personality was her dream.

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They met in a night club when Lucas was on his business trip. She fell in love with Lucas as he was a man of her dream due to his materialistic life, drug business, and unlimited money. On the other side, Lucas was a beauty lover and he was inspired by her beauty and boldness. They got married and happily lived in his New Jersey home. And they welcomed seven children, Francine Lucas-Sinclair, Frank Lucas Jr., Ray Lucas, Betty Lucas, Candace Lucas, Ruby Lucas, and Tony Walters.

She took an interest in her husband’s business and became involved in all types of illegal activities. She got arrested many times due to drug trafficking and by supporting Lucas in illegal movements. Lucas was arrested red-handed in 1975 and all of his belongings (more than 5,00,000 dollars) were seized by federal agents. Lucas was sentenced to 70 years (40 years federal term and 30 years state term) due to drug-related activities and Julianna was sentenced to 5 years in the same case.

After his conviction, he became a Government approver and provide evidence against more than 100 drug suppliers. Due to this act, his 70 years term was reduced to 40 years. And his all family members got special security and protection from the government. He spends five years in jail and provides pieces of evidence against 100s of drug dealers. In this way, he helped the government to finish the curse of drugs from America. And his 40 years federal term and 30 years state term was reduced to the total 5 years he spends in jail.

Julianna and Lucas got released from jail after 5 years in 1981. They live separately for several years before going to their homeland, Puerto Rico.

Julianna Farrait Daughter

Their daughter, Francine Lucas-Sinclair was badly affected by her parent’s business and lifestyle. She was a part of a witnessed protection program with Lucas in 1977. And she witnessed much vulnerability in her life due to her parent’s conviction. The pain of separation from her parent’s wrecked her and imposed a negative impact on her life. She launched the website, Yellow Brick Road to provide resources and shelter to those children whose parents are incarcerated.

Julianna Farrait 2010, 2012 and Now

There is a famous proverb that A wolf may lose its teeth but not its habit. In the same way, Julianna involved in drug trafficking again. She was a money and danger lover, and she got arrested in 2010 when she was trying to sell 2kg cocaine at an unknown hotel in Puerto Rico. She got arrested due to the informer and she was sentenced to 5 years in prison. As she tried to sell 2 kg of cocaine and also offered more 8 kg to the buyer. In her court hearings, she was not ashamed due to her illegal activities. She remains silent and requested the judge, Laura Taylor to speak Spanish. There is no information regarding her current activities, but we are trying our best to provide as soon as possible.

Julianna Farrait Career And Net Worth

As I have mentioned above there is no information regarding her personal and professional life before her entry into Lucas’s life. In the movie, American Gangster, she was portrayed as Miss Puerto Rico, but in reality, there is no record of her name in the list of Miss Puerto Rico ever. She became a famous drug dealer as a Lucas wife. And she was famous due to her expensive gifts for her husband. The exchange of expensive gifts between Julianna and Lucas creates trouble for them as the cost per gift was more than 1,00,000$. It is reported that the coat and hat she gifted her husband on Muhammad Ali’s boxing match in Atlanta in 1970 was too worthy. And its cost was more than 1,25,000$ at that time. According to some resources, Julianna Farrait’s total net worth is 1.5 million dollars.

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